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Using Birth Affirmations - Divya Hegde

Affirmations, visualisations are immensely helpful in connecting deeply and in creating the positive experience that you want. What we believe in definitely affects how we experience birth. Words are very powerful – affirmations help use that power to ‘tune in’ with our partner and baby on this parenting journey. You can use them at any point toaddress an underlying fear and take positive action. You can use the affirmation, ‘A c-sec can be my positive bridge to motherhood’ if you have a fear of surgery. Affirmations are very helpful in dealing with pain too. ‘Each surge brings my baby closer to me’ Write down affirmations that resonate and connect with you personally. They should be in the present tense, positive, precise and powerful. Saying, writing, reading, recording and listening to them helps immensely in your pregnancy journey. Here are a few suggestions that can help you through your pregnancy and during birth. In addition, you can write your own in words you believe in. You ca…